Friday, August 20, 2010

good morning its 4am

i rode in a 4-seater plane around the islands of maine yesterday.
i woke up at 4am and the stars were still bright.
left by 445 and was in the air just after 5.
I went with peter, meredith and our pilot Brud.

peter and mere
we wore headsets

brud belted in

and the clouds coated everything
they looked like the ground

taking a left

we had to land in a field and wait for the fog to burn off.
we ate blackberries and sat for 45 mins - but the fog wouldnt move
so we went for it anyway.

we landed on the second swoop down the runway
after 'playing basket ball' down the runway on the first try.
(we bounced)

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  1. these images are beautiful, makes me miss working beside you. The last one is my favorite. b&w was a good choice